About Australian Fish Auctions

Australian Fish Auctions hold Australia wide auctions of fish from Coffs Harbour. The fish is shipped directly to Australian wholesalers and retailers from the wharf at Coffs Harbour, meaning it arrives to you faster and fresher.

Our auctions are live Dutch auctions. They have a starting price that reduces until the fish is either sold or the fishermen’s reserve is reached. The auctions are held most week days at 8.30am and the fish available for auction is dependent upon the day’s catch.

Australian Fish Auctions runs online auctions on behalf of: 

·         Coffs Harbour Fishermen’s co-operative. 

The fish is sold by the co-operative and all payments for fish are made directly to the co-operative.

The Coffs Harbour Fishermen’s Cooperative is dedicated to providing premium seafood that is locally produced in a sustainable manner. The cooperative maintains an opportunity for quality-oriented fishermen to participate in an organisation that provides processing, marketing and support services that allow members to maximise the benefits of their fishing efforts and provide the consumer with the highest quality seafood possible. 

Our fresh seafood is harvested in the wild and is amongst the best in Australia, if not the world. The unsurpassed freshness and quality of our seafood is due to the close proximity of our fleet’s fishing grounds and therefore a very quick delivery of their catch straight to you.